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From Our Family To Yours

In Morocco, Argan nut butter AKA “ Amlou” is an obsession. My family’s secret recipe for this incredible delicacy uses the perfect blend of only the Finest Ingredients with absolutely nothing artificial. The Argan oil makes our Almond butters smoother in texture, more intense in flavors and packed with nutrition.

Im so proud to share our recipe with you!

Nadia Gara


What’s with the Goat?
Our goat mascot is a symbol of our commitment to preserving the Argan trees and of our wholesome products.
Goats love Argan as much as we do, and have always been a vital element in the fertilization of the Argan trees.
In the arid parts of Morocco where Argan trees grow, goats are encouraged to climb, dine and deliver the seeds to earth, and therefore help grow more Argan trees.




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