Culinary Moroccan Edible Argan oil!!


What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil has been enjoying a surge in popularity recently, with The New York Times labeling it “liquid gold” and beauty and lifestyle bloggers raving about its numerous nutritional and skincare benefits. And while you may be forgiven for thinking this wonder oil was just discovered recently, in Morocco, people have been aware of its nutritional, healing, and skin-loving powers for centuries!

Why do we use argan oil?

The amazing health benefits of eating argan oil> Don’t make the mistake of thinking argan oil is just a treat for your hair and skin! This miracle oil is packed with goodness, including essential fatty acids and antioxidants (including vitamin E, polyphenols, linoleic acid, and sterols), making it a common addition to luxury skincare products, but those same ingredients make a culinary necessity. The only difference between the argan oil you put on your face and culinary argan oil is that the argan oil you eat is made with roasted kernels to bring out its glorious nutty flavor.

Women Empowerment

Our Argan oil is imported from our producers and partners in Morocco who employ and empower about 500 women from 6 different female-run cooperatives and family farmers in Morocco. 

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This Maple Argania Butter is pretty freaking incredible! It's healthy enough to add to meals, but honestly I ate it straight from the jar as dessert most nights! It has just the right amount of sweetness.

– Sofia. O

I heard about Argan Almond butter from a friend of mine who tried it and said that he couldn't get enough! so i had to try it myself. I ordered the coconut and Honey flavor. Hands down this is the most delicious Almond Butter i ever had! The extra nuttiness flavor from the Argan made it so tasty! This is my new go to Almond Butter brand !

– Yass. S

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