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How to Use Argania Butter Argan Oil: 

Argania Butter's Argan Oil is 100% Pure , it can be used both on your SKIN, HAIR , and FOOD!

Argan oil should not be used at heat for frying but rather included in dishes, served at room temperature. That makes it suitable for use as a dressing oil and can replace uncooked olive oil in most meals.

Culinary argan oil has a savoury and sweet use. It’s nice to add to humus or on top of a soup, like lentil soup after it’s cooked. It’s also good on grilled fish or you can toss it through a seafood pasta or couscous. Or you can mix it with Greek yoghurt, honey and mixed berries, and is nice with ice cream.

Nutritious & Healthy: Premium Diet Compatibility

Dairy free, packed with omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, 6 grams of protein, fiber, healthy fats, Vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium. Perfect for vegetarians, vegans, whole food, paleo, ketogenic, gluten-free and raw diets.

Women Empowering

Our Argan oil is imported from our producers and partners in Morocco who employ and empower about 500 women from 6 different female-run cooperatives and family farmers in Morocco. 

Through fair-trade, the women are guaranteed a competitive salary. This fundamental income propels the social status of the women and the cooperatives allow them to escape the isolation they otherwise face.

Argan Oil + Almond Butter = Perfection

We are the only brand in the market that uses Argan Oil in their Almond Butters. The Argan Oil makes our butter healthier, Nuttier, smoother and simply Delicious. We import our Argan Oil from our producers in Morocco, who employ and empower 246 women from 6 different female run family farms. 

Made in California, USA

Made in small batches without preservatives or artificial flavors in a peanut-free facility, and made with premium roasted CA Almonds. We are proud to have no palm oil in our butter, a cheaper, lower quality alternative.

Crafted For Excellence

Our recipe was created through fine culinary experiments and passed down from a 75-year-old family tradition.

Naturally Extracted

Argania Butter’s all-natural cold press extraction process yields a pure, nutty-tasting, nutrient-rich oil that's high in omega 3 fats and antioxidants without the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals, hexane, or heat.

Commitment to Quality

Argania Butter partners with Moroccan farmers to source the world’s finest organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown Culinary Argan oil and stringently adheres to ECOCERT and USDA certified organic and non-GMO guidelines to deliver superfood that is good for you and good for the planet.